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Design and Process


Concept Stage

Exploration with Client of needs and desires thru Landscape CONCEPTS for respective land areas requiring new or renovated landscape. Preliminary Budgets prepared based on concepts throughout this stage.


Document Stage

Landscape PLAN & BUDGET finalized based on client feedback from concept stage. Detailed pricing, planting plan, &  subcontractor bids included. Additional construction drawings prepared if required.


Management Stage  

Project  PLAN mobilized through subcontractors and execution of landscape plan. 


Completion & Enjoyment Stage

Walk thru with client, Final  hit list to tweak  items if necessary. Landscape Check- ups with client for 5 years to insure client satisfaction and horticultural success.


© Deirdre Toner

Design & Concept 1

Protected Tomorrows, Conceptual Sketch for commercial building

© Deirdre Toner

Design & Concept 2

Landscape Concept for new construction residence bordering Open Lands preserve

© Deirdre Toner

Design & Concept 3

Landscape Concept for golf course residence- Rear Yard

© Deirdre Toner

Design & Concept 4

Front Yard Landscape Concept with perspective sketches

© Deirdre Toner

Design & Concept 5

Landscape for contemporary Belgian- inspired Landscape with water features and waves of perennial planting beds

© Deirdre Toner

Design & Concept 6

Front Drive Court Landscape Concept and detail


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